Acoustical Plaster Solution



Wonderful acoustics with a smooth completion. Acoustic plaster work works on the acoustics in any room. This elite item has been created in-house and is just offered by Acoustical Plaster Solution. Acoustical Plaster Solution mortar is totally consistent and can be applied straightforwardly to the building substrate or on a brought down development. The plaster work comprises of acoustic board material that is consistently gotten done with an acoustic straightforward mortar layer. This separates sound energy and establishes a charming acoustic environment.

Acoustical Plaster is accessible in two unique thicknesses: 3mm and 32mm, with a smooth completion in a shade of your decision. The tones gold and silver have been added as of late.

Acoustic answers for a wide range of structures


Acoustical Plaster Solutions' experts apply the acoustic bundle consistently to the roof and dividers in a solitary stage

Likewise appropriate for arches, vaults and twofold bended surfaces

Totally smooth and consistent with outstanding sound assimilation

Benefits of Acoustic Plaster


Acoustical Plaster Solution is utilized to make an acoustic roof.
Further develops acoustics and consequently discourse coherence.

Is reasonable for a wide assortment of substrates, like dividers and roofs in numerous possible structures.

Builds usefulness and guarantees a lovely working and living climate.

Is produced for productivity and can, accordingly, rapidly and easily be applied.

Sets aside to 10% on energy costs

Acoustic answers for new structures and redesigns

 Enter the Code shown on your TV or com mytv device to register it for new designs

Acoustical Plaster Solutions' administrations are routinely applied to new developments and redesign projects, just as to existing circumstances. Along with draftsmen and customers we see how to ideally work on the acoustics.

Cost of Acoustic Plaster

Working on the acoustics in open structures, places of business and houses is uniquely designed. Consequently, the expenses contrast starting with one circumstance then onto the next. We take a gander at the size of the room, the kind of roof, the stature of the roof and any close to home wishes. For more data about our costs, kindly get in touch with us or solicitation a free statement.


Acoustical Plaster Solutions' acoustic plaster is not difficult to clean, for instance by utilizing a vacuum cleaner with a delicate brush. The delicate brush guarantees that the dividers and roofs are not harmed. We will be glad to furnish you with a total support guidance, kindly reach us.

Solicitation a free example

We might want to show you what Acoustical plaster work resembles. So if it's not too much trouble, ask us for an example. We will be satisfied to step through the examination test to you or send it to you.

Notwithstanding acoustic putting, we additionally do acoustic showering. For acoustic shower tests you can likewise demand an example straightforwardly from us.

Accessible tones


Acoustical Plaster Solutions' acoustic plaster is accessible in various shadings. Notwithstanding our standard white item, it is additionally conceivable to make plaster work in a client's particular tone. For this situation color is added to the mortar and afterward applied.


Acosorb White  

Item properties sound retaining plaster work

The acoustic plaster has a smooth completion and is applied in two distinct thicknesses. With a layer of simply 32mm you can accomplish a αw = 0.95.

The foundation of the plaster comprises of a mineral fleece sheet. The board material is done with a smooth acoustic mortar layer in a solitary stage

The plaster is a mineral mortar

The item is completely reinforced, accordingly an absolute development of 35mm ought to be considered

Advances the life expectancy and fire wellbeing of rooms.


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